We are Hive Group, excelling as a collective is the objective in everything we do: to help create a better world and to imagine, deliver and accelerate the design and construction of high-performing buildings within a long-term sustainable business model. As a group of the best building services engineers within Europe and North America, we are committed to developing the engineers of the future, who will in turn transform where people live and work for greater personal and planetary health, for generations to follow.

We deliver sustainable solutions to the most complex and fundamental clients across the globe, we transparently share, educate, and leverage our knowledge across our group to lift the entire industry towards higher excellence. With our passionate and committed team, we can accomplish remarkable things at a micro level, while simultaneously helping to address macro global issues in our own way. We are a for-profit business with a “dot org” and philanthropic soul. We don’t just want to run a profitable business – we want to help change the world and advance the skills and knowledge of the next generation of engineers, bringing carbon neutrality for future generations.

As a group, Hive is large enough to approach any Building Services or Sustainability Consulting Solution yet continue to operate with a culture that is nimble, flexible, trustworthy, and caring – we work hard to retain a positive and conveyable culture that encourages unique personalities and out of the box thinking allowing us often to beat the odds to succeed.

Core values

The Drapers Hall, London

Client: The Drapers Company

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The Drapers Hall, London

Unlocking a Smart Future: The Benefits of Upgrading BMS for Smart Buildings

In a world where technology is rapidly advancing and environmental sustainability is paramount, upgrading building management systems (BMS) for smart buildings has become a...

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