140 Aldersgate




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Hive Services Group

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140 Aldersgate, London is a nine storey office building that sits on a prominent corner site in a northern approach to the City’s financial heart. The building was inherited by Landsec and therefore does not follow the comprehensive Landsec standards with regards to the environmental services. The building was last significantly refitted in 2004- Architect Sidell Gibson.

The Building Management System (BMS) controls and monitors the building engineering systems throughout the building. Measurement and control of the mechanical services is through intelligent Trend controllers and the Trend 963 supervisory platform. The BMS control system is based around the Tridium IQ2 (Now obsolete) range of programmable controllers.  The system consists of distributed outstations, connected via a local LAN network with serial port converter to the supervisor head end operating PC. The network enables central control and monitoring of each outstation. Relays, Pressure switches, temperature sensors, thermostats, valves and actuators all from Trend.

Hive were appointed by Landsec Ltd to undertake a review of the existing BMS installations within 140 Aldersgate, London. This report provided the client with a clear and concise review of the existing BMS infrastructure, associated MEP control systems and energy metering. The report reviewed the upgrade path, project road map and outline costs for the necessary software and future hardware upgrades. Hive were subsequently appointed to develop the tender stage specification and deliver the project on site, carrying out technical project management duties.

Hive were initially appointed by Landsec Ltd to undertake a review of the existing BMS installations and review the initial tender returns within 140 Aldersgate, London. The incumbent maintenance operators originally tendered the BMS project as a self-delivery project however this was based ROI and did not consider the longer term BMS installation i.e. Licensing, Servicing, Life cycle, Remote access and Future replacement. Hive were subsequently appointed to develop the tender specification, tender analysis and specialist project management duties.

The main challenges included maintaining environmental conditions with a live operational building, liaising with the individual tenants and building operators. Hive and BGES identified energy efficiency savings which included VSD drives and including efficient software routines to greater control energy usage and reporting.