62 Buckingham Gate



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62 Buckingham Gate


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Hive Services Group

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62 Buckingham Gate is located at the junction of Victoria Street and Buckingham Gate.  The site is bounded by Victoria Street to the south, the 22 story Westminster City Hall to the west, the car park and service access to City Hall and service access to Kingsgate House on Spenser Street to the north, and Buckingham Gate to the east.

Hive were appointed by Landsec Ltd to undertake a review of the existing BMS installations within 62 Buckingham Gate, London. This report provided the client with a clear and concise review of the existing BMS infrastructure, associated MEP control systems and energy metering. The report reviewed the upgrade path, project road map and outline costs for the necessary software and future hardware upgrades. Hive were subsequently appointed to develop the tender stage specification and deliver the project on site, carrying out technical project management duties.

This project included the phased upgrade from the Niagara AX platform to N4, encompassing all the necessary hardware and software licensing to meet the project requirements.

The BMS at 62 Buckingham Gate was a Niagara AX Tridium system incorporating OMRON PLC Technology. The BMS control system was based around the Tridium JACE, Honeywell Centraline & Vykon range of programmable controllers. The majority of the JACE, Centraline & Vykon controllers were obsolete and no longer supported. The transition to Niagara N4 required compatible hardware and which involved a phased upgrade ensuring all existing controllers could communicate during the BMS upgrade.

The main challenges included the step change in the way tenants access the BMS with strict protocol on cyber security Hive developed a philosophy and scheme to enable remote access and protect the Common Network System whilst saving the tenants in terms of ongoing licencing costs. Hive identified energy efficiency savings which included VSD drives and including efficient software routines to greater control energy usage and reporting.