Apartment Prototype, California, USA


Cloud Apartments

Project Name:

Prototype Apartments

Project Location:

California, USA

There is an urgent housing crisis in America because it is simply too expensive and takes too long to build.

Middle-income renters, among others, are struggling. Within this context, our client is creating a new brand of modular apartments for the modern renter.

Our clients mission is to fundamentally change the economics and efficiencies of housing construction so more people can live in affordably. We hope you join us as we set a new standard for beautiful, affordable apartments.

A range of apartment types have been designed to a set grid based upon the standardised ISO container sizes, allowing the apartment modules to be manufactured and delivered across California and the USA.

The project required detailed studies into module connections that minimise in situ finishing works on-site and maintain the programme benefits created by an off-site manufactured solution.

Utilising technology for the future and techniques developed by private spacecraft technology companies, these apartments are not only spacious and modern, but come complete with renewable and sustainable materials that reduce both operational and embodied carbon and feature a patented snap installation technology which will bring savings to the renters.