Leading universities are pledging a greener approach to how they manage their portfolios, re-use their assets, and build new. This perfectly positions Hive Group as a key partner and driver of sustainable solutions with our unique combination of M&E, MMC and Passivhaus Principles.

Hive Group’s recent recruitment of experts in building services and Passivhaus Accreditation delivery for the education sector has strengthened our team’s offer of efficient and effective M&E with an approach that ensures the entire building and the MEP systems work together from day one.

This combination of sustainable strategies, used together or individually, caters for the wide range of educational facilities from classrooms, libraries, laboratories, catering, common areas, student accommodation to lecture theatres and specialised areas.

These spaces play a vital role in enabling productive and engaged learning and require a different approach to their development. By providing well-designed and comfortable environments, Hive supports education buildings in fostering a stimulating and interactive learning experience.