Passiv Haus

At Hive, we are committed to incorporating net zero carbon as the foundation of our building design consultancy.

This requires our team to look beyond the core MEP services and embrace a more operationally holistic approach that incorporates building fabric and air tightness so the entire building and the MEP systems work together from day one. This high-level, building optimisation creates comfort for occupants with minimal operational energy expended.

These are the Passivhaus principles we adopt and we tailor them to match the requirements of comfort, energy management, buildability and refurbishment of a client’s asset.

Our team has an Accredited Passivhaus designer at its core who brings with him Passivhaus Principles and MEP expertise delivering projects across education, office, residential and pharmaceutical sectors.

Hive Group is now using Passivhaus Planning Package modelling (PhPP) for clients to analyse their portfolios to create the most efficient and detailed interrogation and reporting of sustainability within assets.

We strongly believe there is no greater responsibility than crafting extraordinary spaces that enhance, rather than degrade, the natural and human environments they inhabit. Hive Group is an advocate of the Passivhaus approach to fabric analysis and integration of PHPP modelling process to close the performance gap, enabling real world energy use estimates in all sectors of the built environment.