Smart Buildings

Hive Group builds smart sustainability measures into all our clients’ briefs, helping to scope out the most effective and achievable sustainability targets.

Our smart building and Internet of Things (IoT) design approach draws on technology  and our multi-disciplinary project delivery experience. Combined, this informs smart building solutions that create better performing spaces capable of adapting to change and providing intelligent interfaces with end users.

The fundamental principle of a smart building is an asset or space that behaves precisely like or better than it was intended to do so. Hive Group works with its clients to define required outcomes and uses its expertise in building automation to design a system that that influences a building’s performance, long-term.

Hive has vast experience in designing smart ready and smart enabled networks and IoT sensor networks focused on the pre-agreed client desires for a smart building with many of our projects demonstrating exemplary sustainability, designed into the system’s core.