CRUK UK Laboratory at Granta Park


Cancer Research UK

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Antibody Alliance Laboratory at Granta Park

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Under construction


Architecture and Design Services

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Main Contractor:

Coulson Builder Ltd

MEP Contractor:

Gowing and Hunt

Hive was delighted to be tasked with undertaking the pre-acquisition technical due-diligence of existing office space at Granta Park Cambridge. This then lead into the design of the new protein engineering antibody alliance laboratory. The works involved transforming the existing office space into three new laboratories, office areas and ancillary spaces.

The MEP services design for the new laboratory and ancillary space at Granta Park represents a pinnacle of engineering excellence, seamlessly blending functionality with sustainability. The intricately planned mechanical systems ensure optimal temperature and humidity control, crucial for maintaining a controlled environment conducive to precise scientific experiments. The laboratory’s cutting-edge research equipment is supported by a robust electrical infrastructure, designed to provide uninterrupted power supply and accommodate the specific voltage and frequency requirements of sensitive instrumentation. The integration of smart lighting solutions not only enhances visibility but also minimizes energy consumption through occupancy sensors and daylight harvesting mechanisms, aligning with the project’s commitment to eco-friendly design.

The MEP design takes into consideration the unique demands of a laboratory setting. Specialized water supply and drainage systems have been meticulously crafted to support various experiments, while safety remains paramount through the implementation of emergency eyewash stations, chemical waste disposal mechanisms, and proper ventilation systems to mitigate potential hazards. Furthermore, the design seamlessly integrates renewable energy sources and employs energy-efficient HVAC systems to reduce the building’s carbon footprint. The MEP services design for the laboratory and ancillary space at Granta Park not only underscores the technical prowess of the engineering team but also reflects a forward- thinking approach that prioritizes both scientific advancement and environmental stewardship.